Zodiac Sign Who Can't Stay Single

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Always In-Relationship People

Some people can't just stay single! They have urged to be in a relationship. And either they are jumping from one relationship or staying in one relationship.

Zodiac Signs

It looks like the urge to be in relationships comes from their zodiac sign. So let's have a look at zodiac signs who always want to be in relationships. 

1) Gemini

Geminis are easily lonely, thus being in a partnership means you always have someone to call. This sign may be single, but it may not be the best decision for them.

2) Leo

Leo enjoys being around others. Why? They require attention and praise. They dislike being single since being in a relationship allows them to receive numerous compliments.

3) Libra

Libras adore people. Libra might love alone time, but too much can lead to depression. They seek true love.

4) Capricorn

It's crucial for Capricorn to be in a relationship; image them having a partner that could be there for them and support them on their path, especially if they have a similar job.

5) Aquarius

Aquarius enjoys being in relationships. This is a wise sign who has a lot of information and thoughts to offer with their spouse, so who better to share them with?

6) Taurus

Taurus requires the assistance of others. They would benefit from being in a relationship since loneliness consumes them.

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