Zodiac: Best To Worst Zodiac Signs Kissers

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1) Pisces

Intense and passionate, Pisces are masters at making out and are no strangers to the classic French kiss.

2) Scorpio

Being daring and seductive individuals, Scorpios know just how to make a kiss unforgettable and enchanted.

3) Taurus

Taurus may not be the most talkative zodiac sign, but when they like someone, they are not hesitant to show their feelings and will not hesitate to give the kiss that kills.

4) Cancer

Although they sometimes lack self-confidence, Cancer is exceedingly confident when it comes to making out.

5) Aries

According to their nature, Aries are adventurous and daring when it comes to kissing. A kiss from an Aries can truly transport you to the seventh heaven.

6) Leo

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7) Virgo

Virgos can be wonderful kissers, but they have a tendency to overthink situations, which can transform hot and sensuous encounters into unpleasant ones.

8) Libra

Libras may be extremely slothful when it comes to seeking love, as they like to sit back and allow others to do the effort.

9) Aquarius

The kind and sympathetic character of Aquarius individuals is reflected in their kissing technique. They frequently struggle to let go of their inhibitions.

10) Sagittraius

Sagittarius individuals want to keep things light and humorous, which is why they refrain from pouring their emotions and souls into their kisses.

11) Gemini

Despite the fact that Geminis are social and excellent communicators, kissing and discussing their emotions are not exactly their thing.

12) Capricorn

Capricorns struggle with spontaneity, and despite the fact that their kisses aren't horrible, they might appear rehearsed and arranged.

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