Why He Ghosted You, Per His Zodiac Sign

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If Aries ghosts you, it is because he is not receiving what he desires from the connection. He attempted, but ultimately, it's not possible.


Taurus would ghost you because he is irritable and obstinate. He dislikes making compromises and would rather give you the quiet treatment.


He does not wish to remain in a relationship that he finds safe or monotonous. Hence, if he ghosts you, it's because the relationship is becoming more serious.


You probably made him grumpy and upset, so he disappeared. That may not have been your fault, but he ended it without thinking.


Leo ghosts you because he needs more love than you can provide. He should realize you need attention too, yet put his wants before yours.


Virgo may ghost you if you violated his terms. Virgo never puts others before his duties.


Libra will ghost you after the honeymoon to find someone else to briefly fall in love with. He seeks romantic partnerships.


Scorpio is a ghosting expert. As he enjoys investigating all of his possibilities, it is not surprising that ghosting is a part of his approach.


If Sagittarius ghosts you, it might be because he found you too possessive or uninteresting. Sagittarius must be in the company of a teacher.


Capricorn will ghost anyone at a different phase of life than himself. He is quite picky about who he desires.


Aquarius ghosts because he believes it is the simplest way to end a relationship. He'd rather go his own way without creating a fuss.


If Pisces ghosts you, he probably assumed you weren't interested anymore and dipped to avoid the awkwardness of waiting for your breakup speech.

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