What's Your Best Physical Feature, Per Your Zodiac?

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Aries: Eyebrows

Of course, you already know that everything else about you is wonderful, but your brows stand out the most.

Taurus: Lips

You like to touch and be touched, so the best part of your body is one of the most sensitive ones.

Gemini: Complexion

You keep your beautiful skin because you act like a child. Your sunny personality and natural curiosity make you look and feel young.

Cancer: Stomach

Your intuition and desire to care about other people come from your stomach, so it needs to be in good shape.

Leo: Hair

When you walk into a room, everyone looks at you, and your hair helps them do that.

Virgo: Skin

Not only does your work show how hard you work and how methodical you are, but so does your clear, smooth skin.

Libra: Rear

If you have a nice behind, it shows that you are gentle and kind. It's important to you that you and other people get along well.

Scorpio: Erogenous Area

You know what kind of power you have and how to use it. Your special feature is only given to those who really deserve it, which isn't very many people.

Sagittarius: Back

The best way to show off and make people fall in love with you is to wear dresses without backs or work out in a tank top.

Capricorn: Legs

When you wear a dress and heels, your legs stand out and make the outfit look a hundred times better.

Aquarius: Feet

Your favorite thing to do is run toward freedom and progress. Your feet are not only beautiful, but they were also made to help you walk freely on the earth.

Pisces: Eyes

Your eyes can see through people's defenses, so you can see more than just what's on the surface. You're an artist who can find beauty in the pain of others.

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