Want Freshest Seafood? These Food Chains Are Best!

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1) Legal Sea Foods

Chain claims its fish is caught using "top of catch" method, in which fish are not loaded just before it docks, or by "day boat operators," where fish return to land on the same day.

2) McCormick & Schmick's

The 26-restaurant McCormick & Schmick's chain not only boasts "the world's most sustainable fish," but also "guaranteed fresh fish."

3) Ocean Prime

Avoid Ocean Prime's 18 sites for affordable fish. It's the place for a delicious meal with a 30-year commitment to getting the greatest foods and a premium price tag.

4) Red Lobster

At its 660+ locations, this casual, cheap business serves fresh fish. Lobsters are kept alive until they are slaughtered before cooking.

5) Rockfish Seafood & Grill

According to the company's website, Rockfish has offered "fresh ingredients for over 20 years," including seafood, steak, and more.

6) Truluck's

This smaller chain includes 10 locations—most in Texas, some in Florida, and one in Washington D.C. These places offer the freshest stone crab.

7) Bonefish Grill

Not everything you order at Bonefish Grill will be completely fresh, as in never frozen, but the upmarket restaurant company does its best.

8) Chart House

Chart House, an upscale-to-casual seafood restaurant, takes fresh cuisine seriously. For seafood, the group comprises 24 waterfront eateries.

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