Things That Women Do That Men Find Annoying

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1) Mood Swings

According to the poll, 97 percent of males stated this was the most annoying conduct they seen in their spouses.

2) Jealousy

If these males have mistresses, their partners feel envious and suspicious. 96% of men surveyed detest this practice.

3) Discussing Intimate Life With Friends

Some males dislike sharing their sex life with friends. 93% of respondents considered this conduct highly unpleasant.

4) Getting Upset Easily

There are just more reasons to be dissatisfied with a significant partner. 90% of males, meanwhile, considered this conduct unpleasant.

5) Not Telling What They Need

The poll revealed that 89 percent of respondents found this irritating. Women may expect their boyfriends to be perceptive, especially after a lengthy relationship.

6) Not Having Intimate Moments

According to the report, this conduct irritates 88 percent of males. Guys frequently have more libido than women and seek to an affair to meet it.

7) Needing Constant Reassurance

The poll reveals that 87 percent of men find this conduct irritating. They may be at a loss for words or feel their spouse insecure, which is off-putting.

8) Obsession With Height

87 percent of males found this preoccupation on height unpleasant, according to the survey.

9) Food-Sharing At Restaurants

Sharing is not considered caring by the guys in this poll. Sixty-five percent of them indicated that they find this extremely unpleasant.

10) Asking Too Much Questions

According to the report, 65% of males found this annoying. Perhaps it's because your spouse can smell your mistress a mile away.

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