The Red Flags Of Having A Toxic Friend

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1) They don't care about boundries

If your friend is breaking the boundaries again and again without caring about you or invading your private space, then they may not be suitable for you.

2) The are only concerned about themselves

If they are thinking about themselves, their issues, or their future and not a bit about you, then they are toxic ones. 

3) They make you do things with them

Even if you don't want to do a sure thing and still they are making you do and pressurizing you, they are the bad ones for you.

4) They dump their feelings

Whenever you are talking to them they are only telling you their feelings and issues and just put all their problems on you, making you feel anxious.

5) They shoo narcissistic characteristics

If they are always seeking attention, arrogant, and not caring about you, they are narcissistic and you need to stay away from the hem.

6) They drain your energy

Whether you are with them or talking with them, if you start to feel sad or clumsy, with their talk, then they are toxic.

7) They get jealous of your other friends

This is a sure-shot trait that they are toxic if they get jealous of your other friends without any reason. 

8) You feel happy about not meeting them

If you feel happy staying away from them. You inside know they are toxic and need to stay away from them. 

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