The Oldest Languages In The World

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1) Sumerian

Sumerian, which dates back to about 3200 BCE, is one of the first known written languages. Mesopotamia, which is now Iraq, was formerly home to Sumerian speakers.

2) Akkadian

Akkadian is an ancient Mesopotamian language that was spoken circa 2400 BCE. The Assyrian and Babylonian empires employed it as their official language.

3) Egyptian

Egyptian was spoken approximately 3000 BCE. Egyptian hieroglyphics were employed for religious writings, inscriptions, and monuments.

4) Hittite

Hittite was spoken in Anatolia (now Turkey) approximately 1600 BCE. Legal and religious documents were written in cuneiform.

5) Hebrew

Hebrew is a Semitic language that was used in ancient Israel and is being used as the Jewish religion's language today.

6) Sanskrit

Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language that dates back to roughly 1500 BCE. It is still used for religious writings, poetry, and philosophy.

7) Chinese

Chinese characters were written circa 1200 BCE. Oracle bone writing was used for divination.

8) Phoenician

Since 1200 BCE, Mediterranean people spoke Phoenician. The Phoenicians, noted for their seafaring and trading, spoke it.

9) Aramaic

When discussing ancient languages, Aramaic—spoken in the Middle East from the 10th century BCE to the 5th century CE—is always mentioned.

10) Gothic

When you say Gothic, you're referring to an old Germanic language spoken by the Goths in the fourth century AD. 

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