The Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

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Bearded Collies

Bearded Collies are robust, dependable, and independent. These lively canines enjoy youngsters like a fun grandfather. To keep kids attentive, match their level of interest.

Australian Shepherds

Like the Pyrenean Shepherd, the Australian Shepherd started herding in Europe. Australian herders bred shepherds with Collies, Border Collies, and other dogs.

Border Collies

Border Collies are like fast-forward Collies. These dogs dominate sheepdog trials and dog sports. This breed excels at following instructions.

Great Dane

While huge, Great Danes can adapt to tiny environments. They lean, sit, and flop on couches and owners. Laziness makes them tolerant and pleasant.


Collies like herding cattle, sheep, and other livestock! This is not a lazy dog breed. These dogs, like Retrievers, are loyal and sociable.

Cattle Dogs

Australian Cattle Dogs are clever. Their wariness of strangers and attentiveness make them good watchdogs. As they were initially herding dogs, this makes logical.


There's a reason Bloodhounds are espionage dogs. For several reasons, these curious canines were designed to sniff out odours.

Australian Kelpies

They were initially developed to herd sheep in Australia because of their attentiveness and intelligence. They can learn a lot and utilise it if properly educated.


Barbets require an optimistic training environment to maximise these qualities. They're loyal to other dogs and people because of this.

The Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

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