The Downsides Of Being Left-Handed Person

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1) They are more likely to have psychotic disorders

Patients with psychotic diseases, such as schizophrenia, are more likely to be left-handed than individuals with other types of mental illness.

2) Women have more risk of breast cancer

In a 2007 study conducted in the United Kingdom, researchers discovered that left-handed postmenopausal women had a greater breast cancer risk.

3) Higher predisposition to digestive disorders

A 2001 British study indicated that lefties are more likely to develop autoimmune and inflammatory bowel disorders like Crohn's disease.

4) Women may have an increased risk of multiple sclerosis

A Harvard study found that left-handed women had a 62% higher risk of MS than right-handed women.

5) More likely to suffer from sleeping disorders

In a 2011 University of Toledo study of sleep-clinic patients, 94% of lefties had limb movements on both sides while sleeping.

6) More more likely to develop learning disabilities

According to a research published in Pediatrics, mixed-handed children are more likely to suffer language, academic, and mental health issues.

7) They earn lesser money than right-handed

Lefties had 10 to 12 percentage points lower annual incomes than righties, which visible disparities can partially explain in cognitive abilities & behavioral issues.

8) They can be extremely introverted or extroverted

Yes, either left-handed people will be extremely introverted or extremely extroverted. And the mix handers will be even more. 

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