The Characteristics Of Mentally Weak People

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1) Challenges

Mentally weak people can't face challenges. They avoid the hard tasks and try to be in their own comfort zone. 

2) Defeat

Mentally weak people admit defeat easily and even before trying. They don't have the confidence to stand themselves up.

3) Self-Confidence

They have lack confidence and think they are not able to do things in their life. 

4) Past

Mentally weak people always think about the past and in this, they ruin their present and future. 

5) Change

Mentally weak people fear change and can't stand to come out of their comfort level.

6) Victim Mentality

They have a victim mentality and balance themselves for everything. They can't take responsibility.

7) Influence

Mentally weak people get easily influenced by other people's opinions, affecting their actions. 

8) Resilience

They can't bounce back after a failure and usually feel devastated. They think of their weaknesses more than their strengths. 

9) Emotional regulation

Mentally weak people can't face their emotions and usually struggle to show their emotions. 

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