The Best Way To Study As Per Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries, connect your academics to your interests. If not, it will be hard to concentrate on learning.


Relax and have a cup of coffee on me, Taurus. Therefore, it is recommended that you forego eating while studying.


Gemini, rote memorization works well for you, so don't shy away from flashcards as your primary study method. Getting a friend to test you can also be beneficial.


Cancer, your bedroom is by far the ideal area to study. There, you are guaranteed to be alone, allowing you to feel protected and safe.


Leo, you'll probably learn best auditorily. Listen to lectures and buy CDs for difficult topics.


The most important thing for Virgo is to stick to a schedule. Make time to study; Virgo or your non-study activities will take precedence.


You may discover that studying in a group is more efficient than studying alone, Libra. Hence, there will always be someone to guide you.


Scorpio, find a place of peace and quiet, turn off your phone, and stock up on refreshments. Don't procrastinate and wait until the last minute to get things done.


Sagittarius, chunk your study material to make it easier to understand. Breaks and short workouts are recommended.


Capricorn, plan and follow it to achieve good scores. Study alone; study groups distract Capricorns.


Aquarius, studying probably isn't worth your time. Follow your instincts—you'll only study when you're in the mood.


Pisces, go somewhere quiet where you won't be bothered and dive headfirst into your homework. The repeated study will help you retain information for use on the exam.

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