Some Crazy Facts About Baby Carrots

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1) They are not ''baby''

Despite the label, most carrots advertised as "baby carrots" are simply ordinary carrots sliced into two-inch pieces, chopped, and polished down to that snackable size.

2) They have different taste

The flavor of these so-called baby carrots is best characterized as factory fresh, which is NOT the flavor of actual carrots.

3) They go through beauty industry standards

The tiny carrots are sorted upon arrival at the processing factory. Fat or crooked ones are thrown for juice or animal feed.

4) They waste energy

After being sorted, the carrots are machine-cut into two-inch pieces & then shaved twice to make them exactly round, first in a rough cutter and then more precisely in a polisher.

5) Rinsed with chlorine

All baby carrots are treated with a mild chlorine solution to prevent "microbacterial infection" before packaging. Indeed, they are rinsed following the treatment.

6) Can become slimy and weird white film

They are more susceptible to dehydration and carrot blush, a thin white film caused by dehydration. Sometimes, even worse, they may become slimy.

7) Pretty Expensive

 A pound of normal carrots costs roughly $1 on average. A pound of baby carrots, on the other hand, ranges in price from $1.30 to $1.50.

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