Remember! Housecleaners Will Not Clean These Things!

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1) Antique items

Antiques, specialist objects, jewels, and any highly breakable item are among the items they are not permitted to clean.

2) Bug infested homes

Whether it's fleas, cockroaches, or other small animals, they only clean these properties once a professional exterminator has dealt with the infestation.

3) High Or Hard To Reach Areas

If you think paying professional cleaners to clean high windows, chandeliers, and cupboards is a smart idea, think again.

4) Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a speciality service that requires particular equipment, tools, and training. People will not obtain the results they want.

5) Bodily fluids

They do clean/scrub restrooms thoroughly, including toilets, but for obvious reasons they cannot clean anything that may be deemed a health danger.

6) Old Or Expensive Books

Some objects must be handled by a specialist. This is the situation with rare books and valuable artwork. A simple act of dusting might ruin a book's leather cover.

7) Large Molds

Pink mold in the toilets is a common occurrence, but widespread black mold on walls, ceilings, etc. is a different issue.

If you want a specialized service, such as severe cleaning, you cannot expect your ordinary domestic cleaners to be able to provide it.

8) Extreme Cleaning

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