Professions With Highest Divorce Rates In US

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1) Gaming managers

Gaming managers, who work in casinos and game rooms to entertain guests, had the highest divorce rate at 52.9%. They operate in a celebratory environment.

2) Bartenders

Although bartenders operate in a similar atmosphere to gaming supervisors, they rank second at 52.7%. Their employment involves late nights, drinks, and numerous people.

3) Gaming services workers

Gaming service workers divorce at 50.7%, like managers. Due to alcohol and gamblers, any casino job might cause marital issues.

4) Flight attendants

Flying the world has a 50.5% divorce rate, despite its glamour. Flight attendants are away often, meet numerous possible candidates, and don't make time for their marriage.

5) Construction Workers

Rolling machine setters, and tenders have a 50.1% divorce rate, and extruding and drawing machine setters and operators have 49.6%.

6) Switchboard operators

This job has 49.7% divorce. Switchboard operators have many phone exchanges, which could lead to relationships.

7) Telemarketers 

Stress is the main reason this job has a 49.7% divorce rate. They listen to people hang up, yell, and be rude all day, then have to be pleasant in their marriage.

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