Pretzel Crust Pizza Is Return To Little Caesars

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Pizza aficionados love Little Caesars' throwback. Pretzel Crust Pizza has been a limited-time special since 2014, yet consumers still enjoy it.

All wonderful things must end, but goodbyes are merely beginnings. Many have demanded its return since its debut.

Little Caesars seems to be listening. "After bringing it back numerous times, it feels like the pretzel enthusiasm has not dissipated," the company's CMO stated in a news statement.

Little Caesars teased Twitter with a corncob crust to mark the pizza's comeback. Yet, this was a pre-April Fool's hoax. The Pretzel Crust Pizza returned for another short run in a subsequent tweet.

Pretzel Crust Pizza isn't just a regular pizza with a saltier crust. It has cheddar sauce, Muenster cheese, mozzarella, pepperoni, and pretzel crust.

This pizza can also be ordered without cheddar sauce or with ordinary pizza sauce.

Twitter's dancing gifs, OMGs, smiley emoticons, and other ecstatic responses to Little Caesars' announcement scream yes. A user said, "This year's best day! Fresh one. Eating time!"

Several individuals think this pizza should be on the regular menu instead of a limited-time special. Regrettably, that's unlikely.

"We're prepared ourselves for the usual backlash on social media when it inevitably goes away again," added the CMO. It's currently Little Caesar's McRib.

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