Popeyes Is Bringing Back New Strawberry Biscuits

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Popeyes' fluffy biscuits rival its chicken. One woman slammed her car into a Popeyes restaurant to complain after her biscuits were accidentally left out.

They're one of the chain's best, so we welcome the spinoff. On March 27, Popeye's dessert menu added strawberry biscuits.

The press release says these strawberry biscuits are only available at participating eateries for a short period.

Popeyes will certainly cover its behind if the biscuits go viral like the 2019 chicken sandwich, which sold out within days of its release.

The Popeyes menu says the new strawberry biscuits are produced from the normal biscuits, which are salty.

The biscuits are split shortcake-style and filled with luscious strawberry filling. Sugary glaze finishes the biscuits to emphasize dessert.

Facebook users commenting on a photo of the new item desired it immediately, while Redditors were fascinated by the idea.

Fast-acting YouTubers reviewed strawberry biscuits and called them "very tasty," comparing them to fast-food strawberry shortcake.

Want some biscuits? They're $1.79. A four-pack costs $5.39, while a pair costs $2.99.

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