Nonsense Professions That Are Still Present

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1) Professional Stalking

Professional stalking or paparazzi usually harass celebrities to have their pictures and even people like them. 

2) Promotional Speakers

This is totally absurd. In this, the speakers charge the person to tell them how to make money. It is just a scam.

3) Opportunistic Advertising

We have all seen them, The fake advertisement on a website on which clicking, a fake game starts. This is fake thing.

4) Solicitors

In this, people talk to their deemed consumers to sell their data services through call centers. And once in 100 people buy it.

5) Internet Trolls

Yes, those negative comments you see on celebrity or politician posts may be paid trolls who get money from trolling someone. 

6) Life Coach

This is totally absurd profession. The advice that our family or friends can give for free, these people give them for money. 

7) Social Media Officer

This type of profession involves liking and commenting on certain people's posts or following a certain number of people.

8) Multi-Level Marketing

We all may know about the profession. It just scans where the top-level people make good money and all others just work hard.

9) Medical Insurance Companies

Not all of them are fake or scams but surely many of them are, and they just want to loot their customers.

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