Nicest to Meanest Zodiac Signs

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1) Libra

Libra is the kindest sign since they make the most effort to be courteous. Libra makes a concerted effort to keep things cheerful and lighthearted

2) Pisces

Pisces enjoys helping others since it helps them feel good about themselves. They don't avoid difficult situations, but they don't see the sense in being negative.

3) Taurus

Taurus' pleasant personality extends beyond simply doing nice things for others. Taurus is a naturally sensitive individual who expresses their emotions rather than bottling them up.

4) Aquarius

If you catch Aquarius in one of their rare bad moods, you could assume they're generally a terrible person, but they're actually rather sweet.

5) Sagittarius

Sagittarius is one of the sweetest signs you'll ever encounter because they strive to avoid anything (or anyone) they believe to be nasty, sour, or otherwise undesirable.

6) Gemini

Depending on their disposition, Gemini can be extremely pleasant or cruel. But, because of their split character, you can count on getting a taste of both at all times.

7) Cancer

Cancers can be extremely kind, but they frequently allow their moodiness to interfere with their usually gentle nature. They can be temperamental, but they make an effort to be pleasant.

8) Leo

Leo is as polite as they can be, so being cruel seems like a cop-out, but they try. They love being pleasant and having fun with people, but being cruel prevents that.

9) Virgo

Being polite to Virgo means letting go and not taking things personally. Even though they're not trying, their uptightness makes them cruel.

10) Aries

Aries is not scared to start a quarrel if they believe it will clear the air and allow them to enjoy the rest of their day. They obtain their desires whenever they desire.

11) Capricorn

Capricorn is frequently harsh, but it's how they express it that drives people insane. Instead than sticking to one strategy, they alternate between them, making them appear even nastier.

12) Scropio

Beware of Scorpios, the meanest sign. Their coldness is their way of expressing displeasure or punishing you.

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