Most To Least Likely To Ghost You Zodiac Signs

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1) Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the sign most likely to abandon you. They desire their independence and don't care who they injure to get it. They're masters at being flighty and aloof.

2) Gemini

Geminis are notoriously indecisive, making them the zodiac sign second most likely to ghost you. They are merely unsure about their desires. 

3) Aquarius

Aquarius is the third zodiac sign that is most likely to leave you because they do not want to deal with the baggage that comes with commitment.

4) Leo

Leo's number one priority is themselves. They would do whatever to avoid being forced to divert their attention. Obviously, relationships demand.

5) Virgo

Too much commitment always turns Virgos off. They are careful and guarded, and they despise anyone who threatens their personal bubble.

6) Libra

If they believe that the consequences of a hookup will lead to a more serious relationship, they may be turned off.

7) Aries

Aries constantly need change and newness. If they are bored with the relationship, they will depart after a hookup.

8) Scorpio

Scorpios bond quickly. If someone genuinely intrigues them, it's done. They safeguard loved ones. They won't abandon you if a relationship fails.

9) Capricorn

Capricorns will never discard something of value without consideration. Even if they do not intend to fully commit, they will be attentive of the sentiments of others.

10) Taurus

Taureans are not the type to abandon others. They are always grounded and realistic. This causes people to consider the sentiments of others.

11) Cancer

Cancers are motivated by their emotional ties to others. Regardless of the size of the relationship, they respect each one as a treasure.

12) Pisces

Pisces have the lowest probability of ghosting you. They will not reject anybody, even if they conclude after some time that there are no sparks.

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