Most To Least Dangerous Zodiac Signs

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1) Capricorn 

This star sign is prone to being a sloppy criminal. Whether it's a minor theft or a more serious crime like murder, Capricorn has the tools necessary to pull it off.

2) Leo

Leo's fury might make him appear crazy. Leo, ruled by Fire and depicted by a Lion, has Mercury as their ruling planet. When they commit crimes, it is frequently for the sake of fame.

3) Scorpio

Jealousy, aggression, and sadism make Scorpio hazardous. Jealous and angry Scorpios can be dangerous in certain situations.

4) Sagittarius

Sagittarius is harmful because to their harshness and thievery. Sagittarius only bleeds when their lives are in threatened, although they may be harsh.

5) Aquarius

Aquarius may be a manipulative and vindictive sign. Aquarius, who is usually well-behaved, is the finest when it comes to exacting revenge.

6) Libra

Libra may commit narcotics or money crimes. Although Libras don't breach the law often, still they can.

7) Aries

Aries often has a detest of being dominated. The stubborn Aries despises being dominated, and if someone attempts to do so, they will fight back.

8) Pisces

Pisces can be harmful because to their short temper and unpleasant tendency to abuse their own body. The dreaming fish may lose their composure.

9) Gemini

Gemini can be harmful if they are unreliable and possibly involved in fraud or stealing. Gemini is prone to committing crimes such as theft.

10) Virgo

Virgos steal undetected. Perfectionist Virgo steals well. Their skill and neatness make it hard to find their crime.

11) Cancer

Cancers may be mentally unstable. Cancers may conduct crimes of passion, leaving identifying signs on the bodies of their victims.

12) Taurus

Taurus may be a particularly irritable sign. When Taurus goes astray, he becomes a world ruler. Natural leaders, they can get obsessed with ruling the world.

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