Most Common Dreams & What They Indicate

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1) Having A Baby

If a man has this dream, it means there fertility is affected. If women have this dream, it means they are excited about new life experiences.

2) Teeth Falling Out

The dream means you are anxious or scared about something in your life that is going to change your life.

3) Feeling Trapped

The dream indicated the frustration and anxiousness in life of a person. It also shows the powerlessness of a person in some life event.

4) Money

Having a dream of money indicates that you are confident about something good happening in your life, like your career taking a new side.

5) Food

If having a good food dream, it means you are having a good and happy life. But if poisonous food comes in a dream, it means you need to get rid of something.

6) Taking Exams

As a teenager, this dream means youare anxious about the exams, but as an adult, it shows that you are worried about people judging you. 

7) Running in one spot

If having a dream of running in one spot, it means you don't have control over your life. It shows you want to change but it is not happening.

8) Being invisible

If having a dream of being invisible, it shows that you feel people don't appreciate you. It can also means you want more privacy in life. 

9) Committing crime

It can indicate that our mind is thinking about how committing cream will feel. Or it can show that you are overexposed to crime or news.

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