Krispy Kreme's Spring Doughnuts Are Perfectly Mini

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Krispy Kreme always has a decadent doughnut concept. Krispy Kreme enthusiasts have something to look forward to all year, whether for holidays or seasons.

What could be more doughnut-worthy than gloomy winter giving way to bright, cheerful, and sunny spring?

It's Krispy Kreme's second 2023 doughnut collection, but it's the cutest. Krispy Kreme released four spring-inspired mini doughnuts.

The little sweets will be available for a limited period starting March 27.

Krispy Kreme outlets will sell 16 doughnuts, while Walmart, Kroger, and Publix will sell eight. These spring-themed pastries are just in time for Easter meal or dessert.

The four doughnuts are small, like Krispy Kreme's 2022 spring line. The tastes are basic, but the embellishments make these small sweets glow.

Two doughnuts are baby animal-themed. The Little Bouncing Rabbit Doughnut depicts a rabbit's white bottom with sugar feet bouncing into a green backdrop.

The Little Diving Duck Doughnut has yellow buttercream back and orange duckling feet sinking into blue frosting. White nonpareils sprinkle this doughnut.

The Little Daffodil Donut has yellow buttercream and sanding sugar. Krispy Kreme's spring doughnut drop includes a small chocolate-glazed doughnut with colorful sprinkles.

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