Grocery Chains Who Have the Best Seafood Areas 

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1) Wegmans

Wegmans is one of the top grocery chains with the best seafood department. It now has its stores in the Northeast. They have great seating & genuine pricing. 

2) Costco

Costco is surely a big name in grocery store chains. They provide the best seafood that can be both fresh and frozen.

3) Big Y

Big Y has around 72 locations in just two states. It has big names and great reputation in terms of sea food and especially oysters.

4) Whole Foods

Whole foods have the biggest variety of fresh & cut seafood. They even have an offer of 12 oysters for $12 each Friday. 

5) Albertsons

Albertsons is known to have a big variety of sea foods and is among the sustainable seafood program. 

6) Publix

Publix has a big name in the South of the country. They procure their sea food from the best fishing places. 

7) Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop is known to have the best oysters, mussels, and lobsters in the country. They are among the best seafood shops. 

8) Kroger

Kroger is known to have both wild-caught and farmed fillets. They even offer customizable seasonings to take home. 

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