France Has The World's Most Expensive McDonald's Meal

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McDonald's is a cheap fast food choice in the U.S. McDonald's value menu has products under $3, while its most costly items cost under $10.

The most expensive McDonald's item is the $6.42 Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Washington, D.C.

In different countries, McDonald's may have unique menu items with higher costs. According to recent data, several European countries offer McDonald's goods for double digits.

France has the world's most expensive McDonald's burger, a $15.70 Triple Cheddar & Double Beef.

McDonald's France seems to provide superior food, croissants, fresh salads, and a vegan menu, but it's expensive. McDonald's France sources locally.

McDonald's cattle in France are grass-fed, while in the U.S. they're corn-fed. As grass-fed cattle take longer to gain weight, they cost more.

But, many consumers choose grass-fed beef for health and taste, making the upcharge worth it.

McDonald's France's menu items include "quality markers" and "Nutri-Scores" to inform customers about ingredient quality and nutrition.

The menu even promotes A and B-rated, nutritionally superior foods. It's nice to have alternatives, but the Triple Cheddar & Double Beef burger isn't fantastic.

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