Foods That You Need To Put In Refrigerator

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1) Corn on the cob

It should be stored in the refrigerator in a tightly sealed bag. If it will not be used within three days, freeze it.

2) Apples

Apples are one of the few fruits that benefit from chilling. Apples emit ethylene gas, which accelerates the ripening of surrounding fruits and vegetables.

3) Ketchup (after opening) 

Heinz has certified that Ketchup is shelf-stable due to its inherent acidity. However, storage circumstances might impair its stability once the bottle has been opened.

4) Sesame oil

Sesame oil and other unrefined nut oils are susceptible to oxidation and flavor loss if stored at room temperature.

5) Opened red wine

Once opened, wine changes color, taste, and texture and turns into vinegar. Oxidation slows at lower temperatures.

6) Eggs 

After manufacturing, American eggs are sterilised to remove germs, which weakens the eggshell. To keep germs away, keep them cold.

7) Jam

It's certainly best stored in the fridge. This prevents discoloration, consistency changes, and mold growth.

8) Mustard

The cooler temperatures will help to preserve that beautiful color, as well as its kick and punchiness for a much longer period of time.

9) Dates

To retain their flavor, it is best to keep them chilled in an airtight container, as they still contain some moisture

10) Bottled lime & lemon juice

Both bottled lime and lemon juice purchased from a store should be refrigerated after opening. With time, the flavor might grow more sour and unpleasant if not chilled.

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