Foods That Are Known To Cause Bad Breath

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1) Alcohol

In addition to being quite strong, alcohol is also a diuretic, which causes the mouth to dry up. Without saliva to remove them, the germs that cause foul breath persist and multiply.

2) Canned fish

Whether it's tuna, sardines, anchovies, or another sort, canned fish stinks and will leave a similar odor on your breath.

3) Cheese

As bacteria digest the lactose, lipids, and proteins in cheese, they produce excess hydrogen sulfide, which is the cause of bad breath.

4) Coffee

Coffee smells lovely before drinking but not after. Coffee dries your mouth, allowing germs to grow, like alcohol.

5) Eggs

Eggs—poached, scrambled, or otherwise—can induce foul breath. High-protein foods do this.

6) Garlic

After consuming garlic, you breathe out two sulfur compounds that enter your circulation through your stomach and leave through your lungs.

7) Horseradish

Allyl isothiocyanate is an organosulfur chemical that is abundant in horseradish and accounts for its exceptionally pungent odor.

8) Meat

Protein-rich meals, such as different meats, have an ammonia-like odor when broken down, whereas fatty acids produce ketones, which have a metallic or acetone odor.

9) Milk

Milk is beneficial to the body but horrible for the breath. In a manner similar to that of cheese, the bacteria on your tongue consume the amino acids in milk.

10) Onions

They contain sulfur chemicals comparable to those found in garlic, and hence have a similar effect.

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