Each Zodiac Signs' Luckiest Day Of 20-26 March Week

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Aries: Tuesday, March 21st

This week's New Moon is the perfect time to stand up and rediscover how to believe in yourself. Changes you want shouldn't scare you.

Taurus: Tuesday, March 21st

Pluto in Capricorn's fated twenty-ninth degree sextiles Sun in Pisces' last degree this week. This final degree holds golden chances and enormous ah-ha moments.

Gemini: Thursday, March 23rd

During Pluto's stay in Aquarius, it will activate your ninth house until 2043, signifying that you are truly entering a new phase of your life.

Cancer: Saturday, March 25th

Mars in Cancer wants to feel more, but it also feels everything more profoundly. Honoring your dreams, goals, needs, and convictions is great for you.

Leo: Tuesday, March 21st

This week is all about your aspirations and allowing yourself to think that life is even more incredible and expansive than you could have imagined.

Virgo: Saturday, March 25th

As the minor planet Ceres enters your Virgo zodiac sign this week, good fortune comes your way as you slow down and connect with your emotional body.

Libra: Tuesday, March 21st

This week, Mars might begin to drive you toward a stronger connection with your job life. Just because it is labor does not exclude it from being fun.

Scorpio: Tuesday, March 21st

Mars, the planet of action, ambition, and passion, will help bring about change and an increased drive to obtain what you most desire as it travels into this water sign.

Sagittarius: Tuesday, March 21st

With Mars in Cancer, you will require a stronger emotional connection to your closest connections and the life changes you welcome.

Capricorn: Wednesday, March 22nd

Ceres governs self-care, sustenance, and caregiving. It activates your ninth house, which governs luck, abundance, and exploration in Virgo.

Aquarius: Thursday, March 23rd

Pluto, the king of the underworld, is preparing for a big transformation this week as it prepares to transfer from Capricorn to Aquarius after a fifteen-year sojourn.

Pisces: Tuesday, March 21st

New Moons are wonderfully arranged and spectacular. This new beginning may need patience as the month develops.

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