Each Zodiac Sign's Luckiest Day In 13-19 March Week

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Aries: Tuesday, March 14th

This week, the Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius brings up ideas about lucky chances that are all around you. There is all the wealth and adventure you want.

Taurus: Thursday, March 16th

Capricorn energy governs all things of fortune; this week, something significant is brewing in this area of your life.

Gemini: Thursday, March 16th

This week, the Sun and Neptune align within Pisces, notably at the twenty-fifth degree, which contains concepts of self-starting and taking the initiative.

Cancer: Thursday, March 16th

Pisces energy governs your good fortune and prosperity. Once the Sun and Neptune join in this sign, you have the opportunity to begin saying "yes" to the cosmos.

Leo: Sunday, March 19th

This week will present several favorable prospects for romantic chats; prioritize yourself. So, the person who will add value to your life will select you.

Virgo: Thursday, March 16th

Venus in Taurus will assist you in determining what makes you feel good and also ignites your passion, allowing you to confidently take advantage of these new prospects.

Libra: Friday, March 17th

While squares are rarely considered fortunate, this week they may be exactly what you need to cut your cords with vigor.

Scorpio: Friday, March 17th

In this week, an improbable occurrence enhances your communication around healthy boundaries and routines.

Sagittarius: Tuesday, March 14th

The Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius helps you focus more thoroughly on what you need to relinquish and what is holding you back from achieving your full potential.

Capricorn: Thursday, March 16th

Rather than assuming that something must be wrong, perhaps you can finally relax and appreciate what you've created.

Aquarius: Sunday, March 19th

Aries is sign that governs your communication sector; while Mercury moves through this area of your natal chart, your desire to communicate critical issues will increase.

Pisces: Tuesday, March 14th

You are not missing out on anything; rather, you must remove what is no longer growing in order to make room for the next phase of your life.

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