Each Zodiac Sign When Get Betrayed

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Aries informs everyone that they have been deceived. Social media may not be the ideal venue to express one's emotions, but Aries finds it useful.


They'll be shocked that someone they trusted betrayed them. Sadness, shame, humiliation, and disappointment will overtake them.


When betrayed, Gemini will act as though it was no big thing. They could even organize a party to show everyone how sick of it they are.


They will express their emotions to practically anybody who is willing to listen, and they will hold on to their pain for a long period. Betrayal will impact Cancer's whole life.


Leos take betrayal personally and will wonder how someone, of all others, could betray them. Leo will try to use the situation in some manner and make the traitor pay.


When Virgo discovers they have been misled, they have a massive outburst – they yell, weep, toss things, and walk away.


When Libra is deceived, it hurts, but they will not let it stop them. They'll attempt to get over it as soon as possible and move on.


If you betray Scorpio, you take your own life in your hands. They're not good at treachery, but they're great at retaliation.


When Sagittarians are betrayed, they are appalled for a short period of time before brushing it aside and focusing on something else.


When Capricorn is deceived, they will try all in their power to forget about it. They'll dive into their job and take on new initiatives.


When Aquarius is deceived, they get icy. They may experience an emotional reaction, but they are unlikely to share it with anybody.


When Pisces is deceived, they will be filled with emotions and disintegrate at the moment. Even if they've been betrayed before, Pisces will forgive.

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