Dog Breeds That Make Worst Pets

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1) Afghan Hound

Owners must be willing to devote hours per week to grooming their Afghan. The breed is also notorious for being fairly challenging for inexperienced dog owners.

2) Basenji

Basenjis are extremely vocal. Instead of barking, they produce a distinctive yodeling sound that can even seem like a scream.

3) Chihuahua

These dogs may be quite violent toward anybody but their owner, and they are not recognized for being child-friendly.

4) Chow Chow

The breed may be somewhat obstinate. Without adequate training, they may be wary of strangers and even hostile toward other dogs.

5) Shar-Pei

Despite their kissability, this breed is not suitable for the ordinary owner who enjoys cuddling. They are not extremely sociable with strangers.

6) Shiba Inu

According to the American Kennel Club, regardless of how well-trained this breed is, it cannot be trusted off-leash.

7) Weimaraner

The most problematic aspect of this breed is its constant need for exercise. Running, not walking, must be performed daily, and not only in brief spurts.

8) Cane Corso

They are bred to be guard dogs and must be socialized and taught appropriately to prevent becoming dominating.

9) Great Pyrenees

They were bred to be solitary sheep guardians, so they are naturally independent and prone to making their own decisions, making training difficult.

10) Borzoi

Borzois act as gracefully as they appear and are not as fond of roughhousing as the average Labrador. Additionally, they must have a fenced-in yard.

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