Countries With Better Quality Of Life Than US

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1) Sweden 

Sweden's capitalistic economy spends a lot on public resources and services like modern infrastructure and renewable-fuel transportation.  It has highest quality of life.

2) Denmark

Denmark is attractive to everyone due to its strong social mobility and comprehensive social safety net, including unemployment programs.

3) Canada

Job growth in Canada's service sector reduces unemployment. Immigrants are welcome in Canada, making living attractive.

4) Switzerland

Switzerland's four official languages—German, French, Italian, and Romanish—reflect its geographical diversity. Its neutrality make it a desirable location.

5) Norway

It is a high-income country with substantial social safety nets, therefore its residents are considered regardless of social class. 

6) Finland 

It is a world leader in education, civil rights, and press freedom, and a champion of universal suffrage, granting all adult citizens the right to vote and run for office.

7) Germany

U.S. press rated Germany's quality of life as a perfect 100, stating that the country offers more than just a thriving economy.

8) Netherlands

Due to its low crime rate, robust labor market, and eco-friendly atmosphere, the Netherlands is ranked eighth, despite its reputation for cheese and greenery

9) Australia

As of 2020, futurelearn reports 3.3 individuals per square kilometer are on the continent. This means less noise for tranquil lifestyles!

10) New Zealand

The beautiful island is famed for its independence and tranquillity. New Zealand founded the UN and its nuclear-free zone.

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