Big Misconceptions About Pit Bulls

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1) Pit Bull is dangerous breed

The American Veterinary Medical Association discovered in a peer-reviewed study that a dog's breed influences whether or not it would attack someone.

But, in another study, it was determined that around sixty percent of Pit Bull-type canines are misidentified.

There is no hard data to suggest that any particular breed of dog is more likely to be aggressive than others.

2) They are more aggressive breed

In fact, one research revealed virtually little difference in dog aggressiveness between Golden Retrievers and breeds subject to hazardous dog legislation in Germany, including Pit Bulls.

3) They can lock their jaws

Some people think that Pit Bull Terriers can lock their jaws, which would make their bites stronger. But this isn't true; no breed of dog can lock its jaw.

The bite of a Pit Bull isn't as strong as that of an English Mastiff or a Rottweiler. And naturally, bigger dogs will have stronger bites than smaller ones.

4) They need harsh training

Pit Bull owners sometimes think that their dogs need to be trained with more force. But, no matter what breed, it's best to use positive reinforcement.

You don't have to be harder or stricter with a Pit Bull than with any other breed. The most likely way to get results is to use training that is based on positive reinforcement.

5) It is not good to have rescued Pit Bull

Before adopting a dog, it is essential to conduct research and select the ideal dog for you. Nonetheless, the notion that Pit Bulls cannot be adopted is false.

It's possible that the Pit Bull you acquire has a history of abuse or neglect, but just because one dog may have been, it doesn't indicate that adopting another dog is risky.

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