9 Worst Cities For Solo Travelers

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1) Dubai

Alone travelers—especially women—should avoid Dubai. The contrast between folks having fun and those working in services or construction startled them.

2) Egypt

An daring soul went to Egypt alone after the riots and was harassed by unscrupulous salesmen.

3) Bali, Indonesia

The fourth individual said Bali is one of the worst locations to go single if you don't like noisy Aussie tourists.

4) Rome

Even during the off-season, it is difficult to discover non-touristy locations and maneuver among the masses of people.

5) Oslo, Norway

The metropolis is even more pricey than Paris and the United Kingdom. Although spending four days there, you found little to do and were eager to depart.

6) Liege, Belgium

A user shared their experience of solo travel that failed to grab their heart, revealing that their trip to Liege was an adventure that failed to live up to its promise.

7) Zurich, Switzerland

A tourist rated their vacation to Switzerland as their worst experience. They remained near Zurich, but because they didn't understand German, contact was tough.

8) Paris, France

The city was also teeming with drifters aiming to defraud travelers, particularly at renowned tourist destinations.

9) Kazakhstan

Someone said that Kazakhstan was their worst solo travel experience owing to the huge distances between dull places, the demand for English speakers.

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