9 Most Attractive Men's Hairstyles

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1) Undercut

Undercuts are notable for bringing the ears to the forefront while leaving the hair on top lengthy. 

2) Classic Quiff

When properly executed, the traditional quiff is manly-chic. Many consider it the "evolution" of the crew cut.

3) Classic Pompadour

When you pull off a traditional pompadour, you exude confidence. It looks to be high-maintenance, but ladies adore it if you're charming enough.

4) The Crew Cut

The crew cut is popular among women. The outfit is as well. Yet a guy with a crew cut and a decent suit is a winning combination.

5) Buzz Cut

The buzz cut represents manliness and discipline. Most military personnel wear it nicely since it fits their uniforms.

6) The Side Part

You'll never get the "trying too hard" look that other men's haircuts do. Instead, it's neat, professional hair.

7) Bad Boy Cut

It's a raw, young look. It's part of today's bad-boy image, which appeals to many women.

8) Long Round Layered

Whether you have the physique of a model or that of a surfer, women adore the hockey cut for its luxurious, manageable hair.

9) Bald Head

We observe ladies swooning for balding alpha male action actors in Hollywood. The dudes are cool and masculine.

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