8 Hobbies That Can Boost Your Mental Health

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1) Journaling 

Journaling helps you process emotions and reflect on occurrences. It's advised for anxiety, sadness, and PTSD.

2) Cooking

It is well knowledge that food may be healing. Yet, so can cooking. It provides emotional relief that other pastimes may not.

3) Spending time in nature

Hiking and gardening improve mental wellness. Research suggests that sunshine increases serotonin synthesis, the good-feeling hormone.

4) Art

Art expresses emotions and creativity. It can also help you process difficult topics. Art therapy commonly uses it.

5) Music

Playing an instrument gives you a sense of achievement and happiness. It feels nice to make something, and your body responds to those great sensations.

6) Reading

Reading is the epitome of escape. You may enter a completely new planet and experience a thousand different lives – or read as many books as you like.

7) Strategy games

Other mentally healthy activities include strategy games and puzzles such as chess, crossword puzzles, and sudoku.

8) Exercise

Exercise is one of the finest hobbies to have, both physically and psychologically, whether you work out alone or join in team sports.

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