7 Signs He Is Playing Fool Of You

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1) He says he doesn't want relationship but dates

This is a grave error. When a man tells you he does not desire a relationship, you must accept his words and move on.

2) He flirts but don't ask you out

Anybody is interested in dating you will ask you out. If he does not, something is holding him back, so proceed.

3) He says he never loved anyone

If he is above 40 and has never been in love, he does not want to be in love. Don't be fooled; simply walk away.

4) He texts you but doesn't sees you out

No matter how entertaining messaging him is or how "into you" he looks, do not waste your time. If he was sincere, he would meet you in person.

5) He is newly divorced & doesn't want anything serious

Bad mistake! When a man says he is not serious, he is not joking. Drink your wine and then say farewell.

6) He comes to your place but never goes out with you

He visits your home, but never takes you out for a formal dinner date. Why? He probably cannot risk being seen with another lady in public.

7) He never set up dates but you do!

Do not act as a placeholder if you wish to avoid feeling silly. Drop him immediately if he does not ask you out, regardless of the reason.

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