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Venison Maple Breakfast Sausage Recipe

    Venison Maple Breakfast Sausage Recipe

    There can be nothing better than sausage for breakfast, and even better if sausage is homemade. You can definitely rely on the sausage made at home and know what goes in it. 

    But, making sausage at home can be difficult if you don’t know the whole process and even more difficult if you have to make a special kind of sausage. So here we are to help you! Here we have mentioned the recipe of Venison Maple Breakfast Sausage Recipe.

    Let’s get straight to the recipe!

    Venison Maple Breakfast Sausage Recipe

    Venison Maple Breakfast Sausages are made with pork shoulder so that enough fat is inserted into breakfast for health. It involves using the Vensions meat and maple syrup and various taste-enhancing ingredients. The sausage will be the best you have ever tasted. So here is the recipe for the venison maple breakfast sausage. 


    • 12 lbs venison for grinding
    • 1 lb beef or pork fat
    • 3 lbs bacon
    • ¼ cup dried sage
    • ¼ cup salt
    • ¼ cup cayenne pepper
    • 1¼ cups real maple syrup
    • 1½ cups Frank’s RedHot Original sauce


     Beforehand Preparation: Put the components of your grinder in the fridge or freezer before you start working. Everything that will come into contact with the meat is frozen or taken outdoors if temperatures are below freezing several hours before we start.

    Also, make sure the meat is very cold before beginning, sometimes even leaving it partially frozen. This stops the meat from drying out, retains the fat in the meat, so it doesn’t clog the grinder, and likely reduces bacterial growth.


    • Start by placing all grinder parts, bowls, and everything else that will come into contact with the meat in the freezer to cool. Ensure that everything remains cold during the entire process.
    • Set your grinder to a coarse grind and put the venison, bacon, and fat through it, trying to mix the fat as evenly as possible.
    • Mix in the salt and spices completely. You can do it better with your hands to ensure mixability. 
    • Turn your grinder to a fine grind and run the meat through it again.
    • Mix in your liquids (maple syrup and spicy sauce) by hand until everything is absorbed. Refrigerate meat in a big bowl(s) covered with plastic wrap overnight.
    • Next, Place the meat within the casings. Note that a snug fit is undesirable here. Keep the casings slightly slack to prevent breakage.
    • Bear in mind that it will be easier to knot the sausages if the casings are between three and four feet long.
    • Strive to maintain uniform link lengths. Simply pinch the middle of each link and roll it in the opposite direction of the previous one.
    • Here you have your Venison Maple Breakfast Sausages. Try one sausage by cooking on the stove and testing it!
    • Enjoy it every morning!

    Tips for Venison Maple Breakfast Sausage Recipe: 

    • Grinder moving parts should be oiled. This keeps the parts rust-free in storage and reduces friction when operating the grinder.
    • Request that the butcher at the grocer grind your pig fat or fatback.
    • If you do not use casings, baking the sausage patties in a toaster oven or conventional oven works well and is less messy than cooking them on the stovetop.

    How to Store Venison Maple Breakfast Sausage Recipe:

    You can easily store the fresh Venison Maple breakfast sausage in the fridge for 5-7 days without any worries. However, if you want to make them ahead of time, you need to divide the sausage into parts of 1 lb-1.5 lbs and place them into zip lock bags. Then defrost them overnight for the next day to serve them.

    Bottom Line

    This was all about the venison maple breakfast sausage recipe. You can now easily make sausage at home. Ensure to use fresh and cold ingredients while making sausages to maintain the integrity and freshness of meat. You can try your own versions by incorporating or eliminating the ingredients as per your liking. 

    We hope you found the article helpful & meaningful. Let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

    Thank you for reading!